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It was great working with you! I wish you all the best, and thought if let you know that I got in to MIT!!! Would not have been possible if not for you.

-Schuyler, student


You can imagine our excitement when our daughter received her scores yesterday morning! I know that she corresponded with you (which led to a discussion on the etymology of the word Boo-ya), but I wanted to write and let you know how grateful we are. You are indeed a magic sorcerer, and you literally help change lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I'm done with the GRE! 166 in verbal and 168 in math. My tutor (Ryan) was so helpful. He had great advice, worked with my individual learning style, and was very encouraging. PrepMatters is the best! 

Hilary, Princeton

More than anything what I learned was a life skill: that the most important thing is confidence, and that you have to see it not as an ordeal or test but as a game to beat. Good stuff!

Emily F, Maret

We cannot thank you enough for your support of our son through the application process.  We also appreciate your positive attitude and encouragement. You let our son know you believed in him and his credentials for USC; this helped him to do his best.  He simply did not get this same kind of encouragement from his private high school; it was essential to making this process manageable for him.   It feels tremendous to have this over and for him to be admitted to his first choice.
We will continue to recommend you to our private school community.  You are an exceptional resource for a family and student applying to college.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Morris

My tutor is extremely informed and never fails to make an hour long tutoring session fun and interesting.

student, Whitman HS

PrepMatters is masterful and professional-- a really great resource.

Parent, Georgetown Day School

Rod Spies is one of the best tutors I have ever had. With Rod’s tutelage, I was able to achieve far better scores on the ACTs and SAT Subject Tests than I ever thought possible. In our weekly sessions, Rod showed me strategies that helped me to overcome small barriers that were preventing me from achieving test scores that reflect my academic potential.  Rod also taught me methods of solving math problems, ideas to consider when examining science theories, and techniques to use when considering a grammatical problem or historical question when the answer seems elusive during a test. Rod always greeted me with a broad smile and always welcomed questions, either big or small. His cheerful disposition and sense of humor made our sessions more fun.

Rod was a spectacular tutor and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve the most they can on the SATs or ACTs.

-Alex Lipow, The Lab School of Washington

Rod Spies helped my daughter immensely in preparation for the ACT.  My daughter enjoyed her sessions with Rod and he was able to motivate her to do the work. Not only did he give her the strategies, knowledge and techniques needed to take the test, but he encouraged her and gave her the confidence that she needed to believe that she could improve her scores.

I was one that believed a tutor could not really help that much, but I was very, very wrong. Her improvement was drastic on the ACT, but it was not just about the scores, it was the confidence he gave her to believe in herself that meant the most to me. He was just amazing with her and I am so thankful to him!

Phyllis Stallone, mother of Phillie, BCC HS

Rod Spies helped me achieve a fantastic score on my ACT by showing me strategies that would maximize my potential. He kept me motivated to work hard and gave me the confidence I needed to do my best. I also really enjoyed working with him and appreciated his sense of humor.

B-CC HS Senior
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